Our approach to teaching

Creative Sounds Studios is owned and operated by professional musicians for whom playing and

teaching music is a passion.


Our mission is to give students the tools and ability to express themselves creatively, as well as providing the opportunity to work together in an environment

where they feel comfortable.

Live Performance Opportunities

We know from many years’ experience that performing in a band is one of the most exhilarating experiences a music student can have. Following a performance, we always see students’ passion for their instruments and their band skyrocket.

As passionate performers ourselves, we seek to provide our students with as many opportunities to get on stage as we can. We have already engaged with several venues where we will host bi-annual all-ages showcase nights, and we are actively seeking partnerships with community groups and councils through whom we seek to provide live entertainment for public events.

Recording Opportunities

Creative Sounds Studios is a new player in sound production in Sydney but is quickly gaining a reputation as a great vibing studio, with great gear and a killer desk.

You will have a lot of fun and get some tasty tunes down. We’ve been quickly evolving and setting the pace as technological and creative trends push the threshold of what’s possible. We’ve produced many tracks already and we are set up to now take on projects for up and coming solitary musicians, small bands as well as professional tasks for TV, radio, the net, documentaries, film, and corporate presentations.

We view our involvement in the production process as an integral element of a creative partnership with each of our clients. We encourage pre-production meetings so that we can pool our expertise, discuss and develop the creative aspects of music and sound design, and map an approach that best serves you and your project. Our approach is informal but professional, budget conscious and always focussed on achieving the best result for our clients.

Enrolments now open!