Recording/Room Hire

Creative Sounds Studios has the facilities to produce a high-quality recording of many different combinations of vocals and instruments.

The studio features a dedicated vocal booth and uses (Pro Tools?) as the recording application, (Wavelab) for audio editing on a dedicated Windows Platform running a Universal Audio sound card, providing high quality and realistic audio results. If you have a number of songs you’d like to record we are happy to work out a price and time based on the complete project, rather than a simple hourly rate.

The studios at Creative Sounds provide a state-of-the-art, full-service recording facility boasting a warm and creative environment.

Equipped with the best in vintage and modern recording gear, our studios are home to engineers and assistants who are trained and know how to help artists get the most out of their sessions in a relaxed and productive environment.

We also have an excellent assortment of studio instruments available – including keyboards, tama swing star drum kit and a wide assortment of guitars, basses, amps and speaker cabinets.

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128C Mowbray Rd

Willoughby, NSW

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