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Teenage band performing at local community event, guitar, bass, drums, singer, guitarist, drummer
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Create, connect, learn and grow through music
guitar tuition
Private Tuition
Private Tuition

No one is too young or too old to learn music!

We offer private lessons in:


• Guitar (Classical and Electric)
• Bass 
• Drums 

• Piano/Keyboard 
• Singing 

• Songwriting 

Whether you’re trying your hand at an instrument for the first time or are an experienced muso looking for some specialised technical training, our professional music coaches are equipped to help you achieve your goals.


We use a song-based teaching approach where technical skills and theoretical knowledge are taught in the context of songs chosen by both the student and the coach. This ensures a learning process that is as engaging and relevant to each student’s musical tastes as it is educational. 

Pricing Structure:

30 minutes - $40

45 minutes - $60

60 minutes - $80

Local house call surcharge - $10 (Lower North Shore)

For private tuition enquiries, click here

For additional information, contact Jon

Band Program
Band Program

Creative Sounds’ band program focuses on writing original music as a means of helping students to find their voice and express themselves. We view joining a band as an ongoing commitment where band members mature together musically, socially and individually.

For students ready to take their playing to the next level, we have positions available in existing bands for multiple age ranges. 

Already jamming with your mates and want some professional guidance?

Our coaches are professional gigging musicians with many years’ experience playing in bands, touring and recording. 

It is our pleasure to help you achieve your rock and roll dreams!

Pricing Structure

Weekly 90 minute band coaching session - $50 per student

60 minute junior band session - $40 per student

For Band Program enquiries, click here

For additional information, contact Jeremy

Holiday Camp
Holiday Camp

"Music is most fun when played together. We want our students to derive the same happiness from music that we feel." 

Our Holiday Camp is for brand new bands, existing Creative Sounds bands, and anyone who wants to come along for a week of professional coaching.

We combine intensive guided band rehearsals with open format songwriting seminars, where participants will be introduced to musical improvisation concepts that focus on getting the most fun out of playing music together.


Jamming with other musicians of varied ages and ability levels facilitates a strong sense of community and creativity amongst all participants, reinforced by designated chill time where we take them down to the park or hang out in the studio playing foozball and making the most of their holiday.

The program runs from 9am to 3pm daily, with breaks for Morning and Afternoon Tea and Lunch.

Pricing Structure

Holiday camp - $100 per day
Morning and afternoon snacks included. Kids will need to bring their own lunch and/or money to buy lunch (there are well-priced cafes nearby on Willoughby Road and Penshurst Road)

For Holiday Camp enquiries, click here

For additional information, contact Jeremy

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