"Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in their studies, work better in teams and stay in school.
- National Association for Music Education, 2015

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The Creative Sounds Journey


Private Tuition

We ensure our lessons are engaging, educational and individualised by using material chosen by both the student and the coach to teach technical skills and music theory


Group Classes

Writing and performing original music in a band gives students an opportunity to find their voice and express themselves, whilst practicing valuable teamwork and communication skills.


Group guitar classes are an opportunity for beginner and intermediate guitarists of any age to connect with fellow musicians, learn some songs with fun, easy riffs and rhythms and have an awesome time making music together


Community Engagement

Our mission is to generate a culture where the natural instinct is to get involved.


Creative Sounds bands get to share their creativity at local community events. All performers are involved in gig production processes, and everyone feels the benefits of bringing music and good vibes to the public.

We are a member of the Better Business Partnership. All programs and activities are conducted with a sustainability mindset 


About Us:


My two children have been involved in private lessons and band coaching for several years. I would recommend the band programme to anyone. 


My children love being part of a group and look forward each week to their band session. The improvement they have made by being part of a band has been far greater (in my opinion ) than if they had been having just private lessons. They enjoy it much more as well. 


I have found Jeremy to be an outstanding coach for any band. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. He has a great rapport with children whilst at the same time pushing them to succeed. He also inspires them and creates an enjoyable atmosphere in which they learn.

- Colin, parent

(Midnight Bliss, 

Silver Dream Slayers)


"Music is most fun when played together. We want our students to derive the same happiness from music that we feel." 

- Jon Chosid, Director


Jeremy, Jon and crew at Creative Sounds are enlightening with their passion and skills for music and teaching others. Its truly uplifting to see their work in action and offering an opportunity for people to awaken their talents. Seeing their kids bands performing on stage is fun and inspiring...... keep on spreading your light guys

- Heather, Google review

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